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Reconnect, Restore, Reclaim

A Holistic Approach to Sex & Intimacy After Cancer | taught by Natalie Hatjes

Course description

Are you ready to learn how to love and accept your body while ultimately transforming into a more sensual and sexual YOU? Sex & Intimacy after disease, trauma, or cancer can be a new territory for you and your partner. You may be feeling embarrassed, scared, broken, frustrated, or insecure. You’re not alone! There are thousands of women in your shoes who have been through these exact struggles. The good news is…there is a way to turn this around and it all starts within you.

7 Audio/Video Lessons

Body Confidence Makeover Workbook – 10 Steps to Body Confidence

Tools to Help Yourself Find and Accept Your New Normal

Weekly Handouts and Homework

Soothing Meditation Exercises

  • A holistic approach to healing through your mind, body, and soul
  • Relaxation techniques through a 20 minute guided meditation to help you open your mind and love and accept your body
  • One-of-a-kind advice and meditations by Holistic Healer Michelle Alva – http://www.michellealva.com/about-me/
  • Ways to strengthen your pelvic floor and pubococcygeus (PC) muscle through yoga poses and other exercises
  • Practical guidance from a Registered Dietician trained in oncology to minimize inflammation, promote a positive blood flow, and help with energy, which increases desire
  • Self love exercises to nourish your spirit
  • Communication exercises – to help you communicate your needs to your partner or your future partner
  • Education, exercises and literature on various aspects of sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, and sexual dysfunction.
  • Weekly group call with Natalie when you upgrade to the group program.
  • Printable worksheets
  • Q&A from women just like you!

"Natalie's work is helping so many of us to see sex and intimacy as a part of our cancer journeys for the first time! Personally I'm living with cancer for the 4th time since I was 29. The focus of my healthcare has been exclusively on keeping me alive so sex had fallen completely off the list of topics to discuss and completely off the to-do list. The group articles and discussion and buying one of the intimacy kits brought back my confidence. I'm so happy to say that even though I'm currently still living with cancer I'm having great sex and intimacy is a part of my life! I'm looking forward to helping other's with cancer make intimacy a priority too!"

- Amanda C

Natalie Hatjes
Natalie Hatjes
Sexuality Educator & Mentor

Natalie is a sexuality educator with a Masters in Psychology, sex toy peddler, speaker, blogger, and event organizer in South Florida. She offers empowering education for women through her wide variety of transformational, inspirational, and practical teachings. She has over 12 years of experience working one on one and in group settings, educating women on intimacy and sexual health.

Natalie is also the founder of an online program Reconnect, Restore, Reclaim; a Holistic Approach to Intimacy After Cancer. She can be seen in ihadcancer.com. beatcancer.org, noumagazine.org, and more. She has also appeared on multiple podcasts, blogtalks, and video interviews.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Reconnect, Restore, Reclaim; a Holistic Approach to Sex After Cancer
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